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Tag: Moral Absolutes

Three Ways To Make Good, Right, Wise and Just Decisions (Post 5 of 6)

So far I have argued all of us in leadership positions should make decisions based on transcendent, objective, absolute principles. Important as this is, it is not enough. There is a second way we can ensure we make wise decisions every day.

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How We Lost the Christian Mind And How To Find It Again (#3)

In this first series of blog posts I’m discussing the massive intellectual attacks Christianity came under during the past several hundred years and the resulting cultural shift. The first attack was from (bad) philosophy (see my last post). The second attack was from a number of biblical scholars, primarily from Germany, who challenged the historicity of Scripture (known as “German Higher Criticism”). They began with an anti-supernatural bias (the assumption that supernatural events do not occur–everything that happens is caused by something physical). Therefore, they concluded that any part of the Bible which reported anything “supernatural” must not be historically accurate…