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My Final Blog…Our First Podcast

I began writing this weekly blog on November 2, 2016. Now, 52 months and 216 posts later, I’m posting my last regular blog (though I may post again now and then if something catches my fancy that I just have to write about!) In its place I’ll soon launch the Thinking Christianly podcast. I’m doing so for three reasons, all inter-connected.


Introducing the College Faith Podcast

67% of high school graduates head off to college each year, including followers of Christ. Many opportunities and challenges await, whether one is attending a secular or a Christian institution. The College Faith Podcast features Christian leaders who understand the people and ideas of higher education. They share their insights and wisdom, helping students thrive in loving God with their heart and mind during these formative years.


How Not to be a Chronological Snob (Post #17)

Amusement parks. Vacation. Time to decompress. We all need and crave recreation and refreshment, but somehow, we often find ourselves not as refreshed as we hoped to be. I think this problem has to do with the fourteenth shift in thinking since the Enlightenment–replacing the former idea of leisure with the very different idea of amusement.


How Not To Be a Chronological Snob (Post 16)

I’ve been discussing the thirteenth shift in thinking that came about during the Enlightenment and that shapes us to this day. Unfortunately, all these shifts had negative consequences for people of faith. For several weeks now I’ve been looking at the shift from facts to values in many areas of knowledge. This shift has had dire consequences in theology. I’ll offer three examples. I’m sure you can think of more.

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