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Tag: Worldview

Introducing the College Faith Podcast

67% of high school graduates head off to college each year, including followers of Christ. Many opportunities and challenges await, whether one is attending a secular or a Christian institution. The College Faith Podcast features Christian leaders who understand the people and ideas of higher education. They share their insights and wisdom, helping students thrive in loving God with their heart and mind during these formative years.


If God Exists, Why Is There Pain and Suffering? (Post 5)

Many argue the reality of pain and suffering proves God does not exist. But this is only true if the premises leading to this conclusion are correct. Last week I discussed why Muslims reject the first premise and why they are wrong. But others think the problem is elsewhere: either God is not all-powerful, or Evil is not real. Do either of these responses solve the problem?


“Science or Faith” or “Science and Faith”? (1 of 5)

A quick Google search of “Science and Faith” brings up 144 million matches in half a second. Many of these sites repeat the “conflict” narrative—science and faith are at war, and science will ultimately win because it has reason and evidence on its side. 

This conflict narrative seems to be more and more common. However, it is the wrong story. In this series, I will identify three assumptions underlying this narrative. I will then share reasons why these assumptions are wrong, and therefore why there is no conflict between science and faith—we should be talking about the “and” not the “or.”