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Month: December 2016

Christmas—The Day Jesus Moved Into The Neighborhood! (#3)

Last week I began discussing a second reason we should reflect on the humanity of Christ this Christmas season. I shared four of the seven ways we forget this (“Christian Gnosticism”), and the harmful effects this has on us. In this post, I will share the last four. (These reasons were just too important to cram into the few weeks leading up to Christmas!)


Christmas—The Day Jesus Moved Into The Neighborhood! (#2)

In my last post, I shared the first reason why it is important to remember Jesus is fully human this Christmas season. The second reason is that we devalue the worth of God’s creation (including ourselves) if we forget his humanity. The incarnation is a constant reminder that God, more than anyone, values the physical world just as much as the spiritual world.


Christmas—The Day Jesus Moved Into The Neighborhood! (#1)

In this Christmas season, it seems fitting to write a bit about the humanity of Christ. We talk much about His Deity. And rightly so, with Jesus’ Divine status under constant challenge. Yet there are at least three reasons we must never forget that Jesus was also fully human—that he “moved into the neighborhood” as The Message translates John 1:14.

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How We Lost the Christian Mind And How To Find It Again (#5)

During the intellectual attacks we have been discussing there were a small group of Christians who didn’t Retreat from or Surrender to the contemporary ideas at odds with Scripture. Instead they Engaged the ideas. They were in the world but not “of” the world (John 17:16). Their strategy was to “out-think” the critics of Christianity with sound reasoning and winsome engagement.  

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