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Month: April 2017

Three Types of Leaders—Two to Avoid and One to Become

A few months ago I was invited to speak to a group of university faculty on “Building and Leading Teams.” This caused me to reflect a great deal on lessons I’ve learned about leadership over the past three decades. Then last week I had the chance to visit one of the best leaders I’ve ever worked under, who reminded me again what great leadership looks like. He was a balance between two extremes, both of which are unbiblical and unhealthy approaches to leadership. In this post I summarize these three types of leaders as we seek to think Christianly about leadership.


Seven Common Objections to the Real Meaning of Easter (Post 5 of 5)

It either happened this week 1,984* years ago or it didn’t. If it did, God came to earth and can provide the flourishing and eternal life He promised. If it didn’t, anyone who believes the Easter myth is a fool. The past four weeks I’ve responded to six common objections to Jesus’ bodily resurrection that first Easter morning. But there is a seventh objection worth considering…

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Seven Common Objections to the Real Meaning of Easter (Post 4 of 5)

Easter is fast approaching, so I’m discussing whether it is really worth celebrating. If it is based on a fact of history—Jesus’ resurrection—then everyone worldwide should celebrate it, because it proved Jesus is the One True God. If it is based on a lie—there actually was no resurrection—then Christianity is simply false and Christians are fools to follow this dead “savior”!  So which is it? . . .