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Month: March 2017

Seven Common Objections to the Real Meaning of Easter (Post 3 of 5)

As we approach Easter, we are reminded that our faith stands or falls on whether Jesus rose from the dead. Either our faith in Jesus as God in flesh is founded on a verifiable fact of history, or we are following a false messiah who failed to prove his claim to be God. Last week I gave five evidences the tomb was really empty that first Easter morning. What is the best explanation of this fact? Besides Jesus’ bodily resurrection there are six other explanations often given. This week and next I’ll unpack these and show why they are inadequate to explain all the facts. The only adequate explanation of the empty tomb that first Easter morning is the bodily resurrection of Jesus.


Seven Common Objections to the Real Meaning of Easter (Post 2 of 5)

Everything we believe hinges on whether Jesus raised from the dead. But that requires an empty tomb that first Easter morning. Though you wouldn’t know it from the TV news shows and magazine cover stories about Jesus that “resurrect” each year about this time, the good news is that there is more evidence for the resurrection as a historical event than most all other events of ancient history, and many events of modern history as well! This week I discuss the first objection and five responses . . .

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Seven Common Objections to the Real Meaning of Easter (Post 1 of 5)

As Easter approaches watch for the TV shows and magazine cover stories questioning the resurrection of Jesus. With so much at stake, the questions and objections are understandable. If Jesus did raise from the dead it proves he is God, and therefore all he says is true, including his claim to be the only “way, truth and life” (John 14:6). If not…


So Many Books, So Little Time…

I am often asked to recommend books on topics ranging from apologetics to leadership. So I’ve added a page to my website listing and linking to the books I immediately suggest in Anthropology, Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Biographies, Church History, Cultural Engagement, Ethics, Evangelism and Discipleship, Fiction, Higher Education, Leadership and Management, Life of the Mind, Missions, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Philosophy, Theology, Vocational Stewardship and World Views.

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