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So Many Books, So Little Time…

I am often asked to recommend books on topics ranging from apologetics to leadership. So I’ve added a page to my website listing and linking to the books I immediately suggest in Anthropology, Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Biographies, Church History, Cultural Engagement, Ethics, Evangelism and Discipleship, Fiction, Higher Education, Leadership and Management, Life of the Mind, Missions, Personal and Spiritual Growth, Philosophy, Theology, Vocational Stewardship and World Views.

I’ll just say a few things about my list, and then invite you to peruse the page.

First, my list is in no way exhaustive. There are hundreds of good books available in each category, and more being published each month.

Nor is it necessarily a list of the “best” books. That is a matter of debate, and largely contingent on the criteria being used to define “best.”

Rather, it is a list of the books I take to be some of the best. They are books that have most deeply impacted my life. They are books I often hear others find helpful. They are books I love to give to others. They are, quite simply, books I think are worth reading (or, if reference works, worth having on your shelf and consulting often). Unfortunately, a few of them are now out-of-print. Yet you should still be able to find them via used book resellers.

I’ve added to each book a brief annotation explaining why I often recommend it. I also ranked each book in terms of difficulty to read, in my opinion.

Please let me know if you find any of these books helpful as well!

Until next week, grace and peace.

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